“ Dave Carlson has had a lifetime of caring for fish. Dave's sensitivity and skill enable him to realize that a problem is possibly coming before fish show compromised health, a major reason for Dave being hired to run the fish propagation laboratory at the Vancouver Aquarium. Dave just knows how to do it right and keep fish growing and comfortable, so that your aquarium remains a beautiful source of fascination and relaxation.”

— Dr. Jeff Marliave, VP Marine Science, Vancouver Aquarium

“Dave is extremely knowledgeable about fish and it shows in his work. He has literally transformed our fish tank into a truly beautiful work of art! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him.”

— Julie S.

“During a recent crisis, we could not connect with our regular contractor regarding the fish in our aquarium, despite several anxious voice messages. Several fish had died, the water was murky and foul smelling! After making a few anxious phone calls we were referred to Dave Carlson. He responded immediately and had our aquarium cleaned and in working order the same day. We were so impressed with his knowledge and customer service that we have contracted services ongoing.”

— Linda A.

“Like many of us I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. What I value above all else these days is having reliable, knowledgeable individuals who can lighten my load. Dave Carlson of Amazing Aquariums ensures that I have a healthy, vibrant aquarium so that I get all of the pleasure with none of the work. Dave is a friendly, helpful expert who has been creating beauty in my home for over two years and I would recommend him without hesitation.”

— Erica P.

“I've kept and bred tropical fish for nearly 30 years and I'm very particular about my tanks. My wife and I travel quite a bit and I've always been reluctant to have neighbours or friends take on the responsibility of feeding and cleaning tanks. Now that I've met Dave, we travel and I know that my "babies" will be happy and healthy and the tanks will be crystal clear when I get home. THANK YOU, DAVE!”

— Rick O.

“Dave Carlson from Amazing Aquariums has been taking good care of my home aquarium for almost 2 years. He has done a great job, and has maintained our 150 gallon aquarium in splendor. I highly recommend Dave to anyone. He is reliable, friendly and knowledgeable.”

— Grant C.

“Dave Carlson of Amazing Aquariums has been our fish caretaker since March 2008. I have found him to be extremely professional and reliable. Dave has an extensive knowledge of fish and aquariums and we are very pleased with his service.”

— Jody V.