Dave Carlson's fish tank

Dave Carlson was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

From his first aquarium at age 7, Dave has never looked back. As a teenager he kept 25 aquariums and 2 pools to breed tropical fish and aquatic plants, supplying several local pet stores. His fish were well received by the pet stores because of their very low mortality rate. He currently maintains 25 aquariums in his home.

Dave volunteered and worked part time at the Vancouver Aquarium while in high school and has taken post secondary courses in Aquaculture. He currently works 3 days a week in the fish research department at the Vancouver Aquarium and is on the executive of the Vancouver Aquatic Hobbyist Club where he organizes annual auctions to raise funds for Project Piaba which does conservation work in the Amazon basin.

Dave's services cover the full spectrum from designing and installing Amazing Aquariums, to maintaining aquariums in homes or offices. As well, his life long work with tropical fish has given him a distinct ability to recognize and treat unhealthy fish and suggest which ones are compatible with each other. His expert advice can help the novice aquarium owner avoid common pitfalls.

Dave currently resides in North Vancouver with his wife and two daughters.